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VCSE Faculty of the ICS Academy – Take part in this Visioning & Priorities Workshop 

As many of you know, Herefordshire & Worcestershire ICS Academy provides a model of inclusive workforce development, education, training, and upskilling opportunities for our health and care staff, including volunteers. 

One key aspect of this is having our dedicated ICS VCSE Faculty. We launched the ICS Academy and featured our ICS VCSE Faculty on the 27th April 2023.

This faculty was initially joined up with our Social Care remit, but at the launch we split this as we knew that our valued VCSE sector has its own identity and needs, so we now have our own dedicated VCSE Faculty. This will position our local VCSE organisations and workforce as a key enabler within new ICS Integrated Care Programme design, commissioning & delivery.

Previous VCSE membership has been maintained, but we now need to establish a renewed fully fledged membership across both Herefordshire & Worcestershire VCSE ‘place’.
Our Visioning & Priorities Workshop

Worcestershire VCSE Leads are cordially invited to this session as a key member and stakeholder.

Monday 25th September 2023
1.00pm – 5.00pm with lunch & refreshments
Age UK Worcester: Malvern Gate, Bromwich Road, Worcester, WR2 4BN

Updates on our ICS VCSE Faculty have been presented at Worcester VCSE Alliance, and we have planned to also present at relevant Herefordshire Community Partnership and other groups.

This workshop will form our key inaugural development session to set the joint vision, purpose and priorities for our ICS VCSE Faculty workforce development.

If there are any other colleagues you feel would be beneficial to also become either core or associated Faculty members, please inform and contact edward.cording@nhs.net by 20th September. A working lunch and refreshments will be provided, so please ensure you send your RSVP for attendance at the workshop.