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Inclusive Communities Fund : up to £100,000 grant available for Redditch services

Redditch is the only Local Authority boundary in Worcestershire that the Inclusive Communities fund is available to. If you are an organisation based in Worcestershire with local services in Redditch, you may still be eligible to apply.

The Inclusive Communities Fund is set to ignite communities across the West Midlands to imagine, propose, and bring to life solutions that directly address the challenges in their neighbourhoods and local areas. This Fund is inspired by the momentum generated by the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, which provided support to community-based organisations across the West Midlands, enabling access to exciting opportunities and fresh funding streams. 

The Fund aims to strengthen the achievements, prompted by the Games, offering community organisations access to new funding to make a difference for the people they work with. The Fund will serve as a catalyst to address inequalities, forging deeper connections between individuals and organisations to continue the legacy of the Games. 

This Fund shares the four original core mission principles of the Commonwealth Games: 

  • Bringing people together 
  • Improving health and wellbeing 
  • Helping the region to grow 
  • Putting the region on the map 

Grants will be available for works, activities and services that will contribute to the four coremissions, and which fall within one or more of the following three themes: 

  • Physical activity and sport 
  • Mental health and well-being 
  • Arts, culture and creativity

Grant Thresholds and Application Periods:

All grant thresholds open on 6th November 2023.
Small Works and Refurbishment Grants close on 4 – January 2024 (up to £100,000).
Small Grants (up to £15,000) and Medium Grants (£15,000 to £75,000) will have varying closing dates throughout 2023 – 2024.

Working in Partnership:

Heart of England Community Foundation & United By 2022
The fund is being administered by the Heart of England Community Foundation with support from United by 2022.The Community Foundation has nearly three decades of experience, ensures efficient and credible grant management. United By 2022 are the official Games legacy charity.

B.A.R.N will be organising an webinar to support organisations with this opportunity. We will share details on the Alliance news pages when they are announced.

Read more and details on how to apply here : Inclusive Communities Fund | Heart of England Community Foundation