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Invitation to tender – Health and Wellbeing Commission with Museums Worcestershire

Museums Worcestershire strives to find remarkable ways in everything it does to change
lives. The evidence of culture supporting health and wellbeing is well documented, and we
implement these experiences through the skills of our team and the stories in our

Types of engagement to improve health and wellbeing at our museums can be as small as a
moment in front of a painting or in our atmospheric buildings, taking part in regular weekly
activities or reminiscence session, or dedicated health focused sessions. All of these things
have a positive impact on wellbeing and enable people to be less lonely, better at
communicating and develop new skills.

This commission will focus mainly on the Worcestershire County Museum and the
strategic oversight from Museums Worcestershire. This work will also need to look at the
work happening at our other two sites to create context and map overlap.

The amount available is up to £4900 with draft findings available by early August 2023 and
completed work by early September 2023

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