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Resources for REACH Aware

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These resources, templates and models have been compiled as part of the REACH project, funded by the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) Research Engagement Network (REN) Programme, co-produced in partnership with Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations across Worcestershire.

The aim is to widen engagement in health and care research across the region, to better understand and ultimately reduce health inequalities.

We want to encourage conversations about health research in all our communities and support better links between community and  research.

An introduction to Health and Social Care Research Practice

Being Inclusive in Public Involvement (PI) in Health Research

Things to think about: for researchers and practitioners

Community-Led Research by James L. Flexner, Victoria Rawlings and Lynette Riley

Introduction: walking many paths
towards a community-led paradigm

Research in Community Settings Toolkit from NIHR which contains practical advice for those considering doing research in community settings.

The toolkit is hosted here on NIHR Learn and access to NIHR Learn is now open to anyone to create their own account.

When accessing the platform for the first time you are asked to confirm that you are working with the NIHR (or involved in studies supported/funded by NIHR such as REACH Worcestershire). 

Our Commitment to Become a Health Literate Organisation

Herefordshire and Worcestershire ICS

Suggestions and feedback can be sent to hw.personalisedcare@nhs.net

Relational Ethics for Equity in Community Research Literature Review

Research by Paul Addae and Dr. Shaun Danquah

Relational-Ethics-for-Equity-in-Community-Research-Literature-Review.pdf (centric.org.uk)

Cultural Humility

Resources from Mabadiliko CIC

Cultural humility is considering how our backgrounds and the backgrounds of others can impact our relationships. It focuses on respecting others’ values whilst acknowledging and addressing social power imbalances and one’s own biases. Used sensitively, it can help rebuild trust within communities, foster a culture of mutual learning and promote equity and inclusion.

Cultural Humility – Mabadiliko CIC

Patients and the public: How you can get involved in research


Research Practice in Health, Care and Community Settings

Training with NIHR

Register for free as part of a VCSE organisation

This learning will cover:

The importance of research in health, care and community settings

Distinguish between different types of research in health, care and community settings

Understand the core legal and regulatory frameworks underpinning research in health, care and community research in the UK

Describe the importance of research records and good quality data

Understand the requirements of safety reporting.