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We aim to

At the end of the project, we would like to provide the National Institute of Health and Care Research (part of the NHS) with the following:  

  • Details of key community members for different ‘seldom heard’ groups. 
  • Information from community members about the barriers they would face should they want to be involved with health and care research. 
  • Ideas for future local health and care research, with which communities could become active partners.   
  • Data reflecting the percentage of people with whom we have engaged, who have previously been involved with health and care research locally.  

Who do we want to hear from?

Young people 

Older people 

Socially isolated people 

Digitally excluded people 

People from marginalised ethnic groups  
People living in areas of deprivation 

Asylum seekers/refugees 

Ukrainian people 

Smaller disability groups  

What are people saying?

From the initial conversations we’ve has across Worcestershire, certain barriers have emerged, including :

Lack of trust in statutory services

Transport and the rural nature of the county


Confidence and self-worth

How the project will develop

REACH Engagement 2024

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We welcome your input to help us understand more about perceptions of health and care research and how more people can be better be involved.

Are you interested in enhancing the voice of people in the above (or other) communities within health and care research?

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