A strong and visible Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector

The difference we make

The VCSE sector plays a vital role in supporting, improving and enhancing the lives of people in Worcestershire. We are working to understand and strengthen this sector.

Understanding and Strengthening the VCSE

We are conducting research to help achieve our vision of a stronger VCSE Sector working together effectively to deliver excellent services aligned to need.

Research and Evaluation Key Outcomes
Increase and evidence knowledge of the VCSE Sector by district and service area 
Create a “map” of VCSE Sector services and overlay these services on to JSNA, IMD and other relevant data to identify gaps and duplication
Improve the knowledge around gaps in services exist and the potential impact this has on residents, and where this leads to an increased demand on public services
Enhance information sharing with ICS partners to assist in service design and alignment to need
Capture and provide information to enable the VCSE Sector to plan more effectively, build collaborative working and be better prepared to manage oncoming challenges
Through self-assessment methods, collate knowledge relating to capacity and skills of the VCSE Sector workforce
Where possible identify gaps in workforce and skills, and develop training/development in partnership with the ICS Academy 
Develop methods to demonstrate VCSE social impact to feed in to “the system” and aide partnership development
Provide data/evidence of priority areas to funders/commissioners with a clearer rationale of need to secure further investment
Shape and strengthen the VCSE Alliance strategic plan and delivery plans
Inform new innovative VCSE community powered health and wellbeing projects
Research PhasesPhase One: Intelligence gathering and scoping. Collate existing VCSE information into one system to be used for the development of phase twoStarted 1st June 2023
Phase Two: Carry out further research on specific VCSE areas identified from phase one. Develop evidence-based action plansStarts 1st November 2023
Multi Agency Steering GroupWorcestershire County Council Strengthening Communities, Public Health, Health and Care Trust, ICB, University of Worcester, VCSE Partners
Implementation of Phase OneDevelopment of tender and appointment of consultants: Tiller AssociatesApril 2023

Community-led Research Engagement and Prioritisation Project

In partnership with VCSE organisations across
Herefordshire and Worcestershire, our aim is to widen engagement in health and care research across the region to better understand and ultimately reduce health inequalities.

The project is funded by the Clinical Research Network West Midlands for 12 months. This will be a co-produced activity, reflecting the lived experiences and health agendas of people across both counties. Together, we aim to co-design a community-led research framework which can be sustained beyond the life of this project.

Read more about the project here –

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Working with Worcestershire

Impact Report 2020-21 from Worcestershire Community Foundation

Since 2003 Worcestershire Community
Foundation has been helping local charities and
community groups support essential causes
across Worcestershire where there is real
need, working with funders to deliver timely,
responsive and proactive funding programmes.

Read the report here

Working with Worcestershire

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