Call to Worcester City based VCSE organisations – Reducing Health Inequalities

VCSE organisations active in Worcester City are invited to contribute to the Working Group – Reducing Health Inequalities. The mission of the Working Group is to narrow the life expectancy gap between people living in affluent and less affluent areas in Worcester City by April (date to be agreed 2027) through two objectives :

  • Objective A: Increase the number of free NHS health check completed for eligible people by staging them in locations where they can be accessed.

The group is seeking premises that can be used, or perhaps there are minibuses that are unused during parts of the day or week or organisations who have ranks of volunteers who might be engaged to help in some way.

  • Objective B: Increase the completion rate of evidence-based interventions that have an impact on life expectancy.

The group is seeking organisations with evidence-based interventions such as Mindfulness, sports, CBT that support the NHS smoking cessation or are in themselves helpful to live a healthier life.

If you are interested in be part of this Working Group or offering resources, please complete this short form :