Free Seasonal COVID-19 Vaccination – The last date you will be able to get your vaccine is 31 January 2024

A guide to the COVID-19 autumn programme

A dose of the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be offered to people aged 65 and over, residents in care homes for older people, anyone aged 6 months and over in a clinical risk group, and health and social care staff (including VCSE).

It is important for those who are eligible to top up their protection, even if they have had a vaccine or been ill with flu or COVID-19 before, as immunity fades over time and these viruses change each year.

Read more about these seasonal vaccine here – A guide to the COVID-19 autumn programme – GOV.UK

After 31 January 2024, the COVID-19 offer will close until the next seasonal campaign, likely to be April 2024. People may be able to get vaccinated sooner, if they develop a new health condition or start treatment that severely weakens their immune system, if advised by a clinician.

The flu programme will continue until 31 March. However, those eligible are encouraged to be vaccinated as soon as possible so they’re protected during the peak flu season.