FREE Workshop on Domestic Abuse in Deaf Community

SignHealth are the England’s specialist service for Deaf victims of Domestic Abuse and their families.

SignHealth are offering free workshops for all providers based on Domestic Abuse in the Deaf Community.

The workshops will consider domestic abuse in the Deaf community and why many Deaf people are reluctant to interact with mainstream services.  And an opportunity to explore Deaf Awareness to support others in making their service more accessible.

Topics covered in the training include :

  • Experiences and fears of the Deaf Community with professionals
  • How to support Deaf people who are experiencing domestic abuse
  • Information about the Deaf community, resources, and support
  • Information about our service and how we can support you.

Workshops are 2 hours long but can be tailored to suit the team.

If your organisation would like to work with SignHealth to organise training, please contact William Johnson :

Read more about SignHealth : Domestic Abuse Information and Service Details – SignHealth