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Phase 1 findings now available to read – Understanding and Strengthening the VCSE in Worcestershire

Understanding and Strengthening the VCSE in Worcestershire is a research project lead by Worcestershire VCSE Alliance and funded by Worcestershire County Council.

The aim of this research is to build an evidence-based understanding of the key strengths of the sector, alongside robust evidence of impact. The research outputs will focus on providing an evidence base to inform a VCSE strategy that will strengthen the sector as a whole.

The research results will be shared with the sector and statutory sector partners as a resource for identifying development opportunities, and will be used to inform the Alliance’s future priorities as it moves to the next stage of its development.

The project has two phases. We are pleased to be able to share the Phase One findings, which focus on intelligence gathering and scoping outputs. Download Phase 1 report here :

Phase Two will utilise these outputs to undertake research to better understand the reach, capacity, social impact, financial value and challenges of Worcestershire’s VCSE Sector.

Follow project progress here : Understanding and Strengthening the VCSE