Understanding and Strengthening the VCSE – Research Update

The Worcestershire VCSE Alliance is undertaking a major research and evaluation project “Understanding and Strengthening the VCSE”, funded by Worcestershire County Council.  This research will build understanding of the key strengths of the sector, alongside robust evidence of impact.  The research results will be shared with the sector as a resource for identifying development opportunities, and will be used to inform the Alliance’s future priorities.

The project has been designed in two phases.  The first phase is an intelligence gathering and scoping exercise, and is being led by Peter Rose from Tiller Research Ltd.  This phase is focussed on collating information on VCSE organisations throughout Worcestershire, identifying geographic reach and the range of work being undertaken.

The preliminary results of this intelligence gathering will be presented at the VCSE Assembly in October (date to be announced).  Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the findings, and contribute to identifying evidence-based actions and key research questions for the second phase research and evaluation project, which will be completed by April 2024.